Paul Smith

Founder of Twelve Rivers and Rise Title

Paul Smith grew up in New England and made a 4-year pit stop at Fort Hood before making his way down to Austin. The Army instilled in Paul many of the core values that he lives by today including honesty, integrity, and an unparalleled work ethic. Austin afforded him the opportunity to turn his passion into a career and he co-founded Twelve Rivers Realty in 2011. This year he was a Platinum Top 50 centurion and ABJ Top 25 winner.

Paul is also involved with a variety of organizations throughout Austin. He’s an ambassador for local charities including LifeWorks, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Gallery and Explore Austin. He utilizes his relationships to champion the success of such organizations. In 2019 alone, the combined efforts of himself and both his companies, Twelve Rivers and Rise Title, donated over $50,000 of charitable contributions.

Paul is a proud father and devoted husband. He enjoys spending quality time with his family exploring the endless offerings of life in Austin, TX.