Julie Fisher

Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, National Instruments

As the Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility for National Instruments, Julie Fisher leads strategic philanthropy and community engagement initiatives for the Americas. Prior to joining NI, she managed Samsung’s community affairs team for seven and a half years. Through her leadership, Samsung was recognized as an “Outstanding Large Philanthropic Corporation” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. As an Austin native, she’s passionate about the community that raised her and champions causes including civic engagement, environmental initiatives, and education. Julie is proud to serve on the board of Leadership Austin, Keep Austin Beautiful and Breakthrough Central Texas. She has an infectious enthusiasm for giving back to the community and leading by example. Whether it’s mentoring students, or leading cleanups at the lake, she enjoys convening groups of people to give back. Her motto is “there is nothing to small to celebrate” and truly enjoys making the most of every day.