John Berkowitz

CEO of OJO Labs

John Berkowitz is CEO and co-founder of OJO Labs, an award-winning technology company combining machine and human intelligence to change the way consumers make homebuying decisions. In 2019, OJO earned 29 awards spanning inclusion, company culture, AI, and industry achievements.

After completing his BA in International Business from George Washington University in 2005, Berkowitz co-founded Yodle to help small businesses strengthen their online presence and expand their customer base. At age 33, Berkowitz was able to scale Yodle to more than 1,400 employees and 50,000 SMB customers, ultimately selling to for $342M.

With a proven track record in tech entrepreneurship, Berkowitz is dedicated to building companies that create high impact and significant value for large numbers of people. He believes that OJO has the potential to fundamentally change Austin for the better and is also proud to be an investor in other Austin startups with the potential to be city-making companies