Heather Emerson

Co-Founder, Prep To Your Door

Heather’s mission is to change food through strengthening local food systems so that everybody wins: the community, our health, our planet.

Heather has spent the last 15 years rebuilding her life after being incarcerated for one year. Her promise upon release was to grow, be honest, and do good things.

She graduated from University of Texas with dual degrees in Mathematics and Linguistics, and will graduate in 2020 with her Masters from Harvard University, flying back and forth to Cambridge while applying curriculum to help her business, Prep To Your Door.

She is currently co-leading a team of 25 people to provide organic, plant-based meals to hard-working Austinites, all with a zero-waste mission. Her proudest accomplishment is winning “FAVE Sustainable Business” in 2019.

Heather hosts retreats to teach people the power of mindset and healthy lifestyle. She will start her MBA at MIT to further improve her business acumen such that Prep To Your Door can feed all of Texas by 2021.