Dr. Christopher Coy

High School Principal - Hyde Park High School

Dr. Christopher Coy grew up in Austin and has served his community for over 15 years as a volunteer, mentor, coach, teacher, and administrator in both public and private schools. Dr. Coy has enjoyed working with a variety of non-profits in Austin, specifically Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Austin, YMBL, and Community First. Each year, Dr. Coy leads a group of high school students for a week-long service week in March before spring-break to serve and meet neighbors they have never met. He believes it is critical students, the future leaders of this city, are not only aware of the city’s diverse population, but also the impact they can make when they get out of their comfort zone and use the gifts they have been given to benefit others.

Currently, Dr. Coy is serving his 6th year as Principal at Hyde Park High School. His 15-year educational journey from coach to principal was due in large part because of all the mentors who led him along the way. Through the leadership of Dr. Joe Kopec, Dr. Coy fell in love with the magic of the classroom experience and the dynamic between teachers and students. Dr. Kopec showed him the value of educational leadership and becoming a campus principal at 33 years old was his most proud professional accomplishment.

As the son and brother of educators, Dr. Coy’s work coaching, teaching, leading, and serving is all part of a long journey of paying back all he was provided from his mentors during his youth. YMBL’s focus on investing in young people is very encouraging because Dr. Coy’s story is just another example of the power of mentorship. He and his wife (an Austin EMT Paramedic) Heather are proud parents of three boys and are members of Austin Oaks Church.