CJ Finley


CJ Finley is the founder of THRIVEONLIFE, a local media and consulting company that focuses on helping other mission based people, brands, and businesses scale the passions that they are ruthlessly working on.

What fuels CJ’s passion?

-Education reform, with a heavy emphasis on integrating principles of physical/mental/spiritual health from a young age.
-Organizing virtual/in-person mastermind events to connect like-minded individuals around difficult topics of discussion.
-Collaborating with Rhone and other athletic companies to host community engagements that encourage and engage others to participate in an all-around wellness lifestyle.
-Educating teens/youth Entrepreneurs as a facilitator in the non-profit organization Doing WIT.
-Sharing the inspiring stories his guests on the THRIVEONLIFE Podcast, in hopes to inspire anyone who listens to MAKE EVERY HEARTBEAT COUNT.

As a lifelong athlete and polymath, CJ struggled to adjust to the corporate world where he felt boxed in, lonely, and depressed. Eventually, while struggling with his own auto-immune disease, CJ quit the security of his “job” to pursue a much larger mission…help other people pursue a healthier and happier lifestyle. This newfound purpose led him to help people from all walks of life show up in a more confident way, and ultimately, make their lives better. What started as personally training people in the dirt (literally), eventually turned into coaching large groups of people at world renowned events like SXSW. This happened because of CJ’s obsession of helping other people see more within themselves, and giving them the tools and resources to execute on becoming their best selves.

Today, CJ spends most of his time mentoring young entrepreneurs, working on local projects with other mission-driven founders/organizations, and leading health and wellness events in the community. When he catches a moment of free time, you can find him walking lady-bird lake with his wife, flying his drone and creating various forms of content, reading up on his latest book purchase, and exercising at the THRVIE office gym.

Cj loves connecting with others, so if you have any questions/ideas/projects that you have been wanting to work on, and need someone to chat with, please reach out to him!