Brooke Waupsh

CEO and Co-Founder, Swoovy

Brooke is an award-winning marketer and brand strategist. She has experience breathing life into established brands such as Coors, Clorox, and Charles Schwab, as well as successfully introducing a new financial technology consumer brand, Kasasa, to the market that is now nationwide and supported by the 4th largest network of financial institutions behind Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo.

She was nominated for “Change Maker of 2019” by the Austin Young Chamber as well as the Austin Under 40 awards the past 2 years for “Start-Up and Innovation”; she was a finalist in 2018. Her industry awards include a Bronze Los Angeles Addy Award (Regional/National Television category), 5 MarCom Awards and 2 Honorable Mentions. She also has numerous industry certifications including Graphic Design (UCBerkeley) and Agile software development.

Brooke saw an opportunity to exponentially increase volunteerism with her start-up, Swoovy, through tapping in to the mass marketing of online dating. Nonprofits struggle to tap into mainstream audiences and get them to volunteer, and online daters are spending over 500 a year on dating apps but frustrated with not making meaningful connections and feeling like their time is not being used well. While 90% of people want to volunteer, only 1 in 4 do. The top reasons why people do not volunteer are 1) they don’t have enough time, 2) they do not have enough information, and 3) no one asked them to.

Swoovy received an overwhelmingly positive response from single people as well as nonprofits, and has expanded the app to a couple’s experience and now also matches groups with volunteering events through their desktop experience.

You can learn more about Swoovy at