2023 Winners

Austinite of the Year

Michael Hole

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Nhat Ho

Arts and Entertainment

Jeff Jenkins

Capital, Financial, and Insurance Services

Jessica J. Watts

Civics, Government, and Public Affairs

A.J. Bingham

Energy, Sustainability, and Transportation

Lauren Taylor

Food, Events, and Hospitality

Tony Ciola

Journalism, Marketing, and Public Relations

Frances Leigh Jordan


K.C. Barner

Medicine and Healthcare

Michael Hole

Mentor of the Year

Jessica D. Weaver

Nonprofit Service

Liz Schoenfeld

People and Operations

Gordon Moore

Real Estate

Lindsay Neuren

Retail, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain

Kathryn Fritts

Sports, Wellness, and Fitness

Grace Dowd


Albert Swantner

Trailblazer Award

Lia Truitt

Youth and Education

Ruben Cantu