Melody Afkami

CEO and Founder of Melody DanceFit

Melody Afkami is the CEO and founder of a mobile fitness brand, Melody DanceFit. MDF offers a new style of fitness, blending positive psychology with intense cardio in a club atmosphere. Before starting DanceFit, Melody was in the world of corporate technology, but quickly found herself unfulfilled and restless. After teaching Zumba and volunteering with Dress for Success, she decided to create her own brand with a focus on women empowerment and philanthropy. DanceFit has cultivated a dedicated community of people who consistently show up and fill concert venues as big as Emo’s Austin – not only for the workout, but for the continuous reminder to celebrate themselves. Melody was named Most Moving Instructor by ClassPass 4 years in a row and has been featured in Texas Monthly, CBS, Austin Monthly, Austin Fit, and Austin MD. Melody now digitally offers her unique teaching style at with weekly livestream classes and an on-demand library of dance workouts, breakdown tutorials, and more. Melody’s life mission is to showcase that anyone + everyone can dance, and her viral YouTube video “Havana” boasting more than 33 million views certainly proves that.