Lezlie Tram Le

Founder, LT Commercial Group

Lezlie Tram Le began LT Commercial Group in 2017. As the founder of LT Commercial Group, Lezlie’s core values are upholding sustainability and values. The company has been establishing a space to give community guidance, opportunities, support, and success.

Lezlie has been a leader in entrepreneurship, managing her own businesses since the age of 22. As a business consultant, she is helping business owners to navigate through the dos and the don’t and the mistakes in different types of business that she has learned through her entire business entrepreneur career.

While also being a leader in Austin’s growing community, Lezlie is also the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Austin chapter’s president for 2020 and a single mother of two beautiful daughters. Her favorite pastimes are yoga, which is her passion and therapy, reading a book, or spending time with her friends and family outside of work.

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